doing what you love
 Julia Mason-Cameron is passionate about what she does.

Having worked in Childcare, Retail, and Admin over the past 20 years, Julia has developed a knack for getting to know and understand people. Admittedly, it’s her favourite part of her job!

So, what does this have to do with resumes?

Well, each resume is carefully tailored to reflect the person it’s about!

Julia loves getting to know about the people she works with and is fascinated by the roads they’ve travelled and their experiences along the way.

Taking the time to get to know a client means that the finished product really is a terrific representation of them!

Julia uses the same skills and passion in her VA work, getting to know the client and their business to ensure she is assisting in the best way possible.

Another passion of Julia’s is assisting others in starting their own resume business and supporting resume writers in growing their business.


Julia’s Goal :
To show others how much they have accomplished in their life

and help them achieve their dreams.

Julia Cameron Resume & VA Services was established in 2019.

When she’s not busily constructing resumes, Julia can be found relaxing around Port Macquarie, NSW, with her husband and teenage son.  She absolutely loves that running her own business means she gets to help other people but still be able to be there for her family!